Hey, we did it!

The hustle and bustle of Sydney was too much for us.. so we bought the car, bought the caravan and have a (rough) 5 year plan.


14 Weeks into our travels and I thought I would give this blogging thing a go. I’m not too sure how it works so I’m just going with an ‘I’ll write and maybe mum will read’ approach.

So where to begin?
Rex and I had been talking about taking this journey pretty much since we met and while saving for a house deposit we realised that we actually had no idea where we wanted to buy and settle down.  Seemed like a good time to finally follow those dreams. We upgraded our Ford Transit to a 4WD and caravan combo and started planning.


The caravan was in Kalgoorlie so Rexie went on a surfing road trip with a buddy to go pick it up. Lost his wallet, got bogged and went MIA for 48 hours but he got there in the end. The caravan then went to my dad’s house and Rex and I spent the next twelve months (in between full time work and study) flying between Gippsland and Sydney to do renovations and turn the caravan from the seedy girl she was into a home.  https://www.facebook.com/rex.meredith.52/videos/10159161989870162/?t=0
(Hopefully that’s a link to a video we made of the first half of the renovations)

Then after a few delays, one being University work placement and the other was Rusty having major abdominal surgery from swallowing a fish hook; we were finally on our way.
We moved into our first home together!


Free Camp on the way down to our Caravan

We have a rough plan of what we are doing but the goal is 5 years on the road. Dream big.
Some goals are;
– finishing our degrees
– making lots of new friends
– advancing in our careers (rural and remote nursing and primary school education)
–  exploring our amazing country
– reducing our footprint, waste and plastic consumption
– working to live, not living to work
– inspire others to pack up their lives and travel around Aus (if we can do it you can definitely do it!)
– babies!… eeek.. maybe. 😛 

So far, we have had a few ups and downs and a fair share of car troubles but it’s great to be exploring our beautiful country. 


Seeking the Serenity
Lisa, Rex and Rusty